Module 7 -Peter Harijanto


Step 1 - Generative Design Framework

For my generative design framework I decided to into surface area vs. sun radiation.

  • Things the analysis can evaluate
    • Max amount of shade
    • Material sun damage
      • Facade fading, paint cracking, and etc..
    • Optimal umbrella geometry/shape
  • Design Decision 1
    • Constraints
      • Two concentric circles
        • Concentric circle 1 controls the base of my umbrella
        • Concentric circle 2 controls the midpoint of my umbrella
    • Goal
      • Maximize surface area and minimize sun radiation
      • I input the value for area and sun radiation and subtracted them to create a function for fitness that lets me optimize my design.
      • image
    • Most Important Tradeoffs to Consider
      • As surface area goes up sun radiation naturally goes up
      • The goal of the optimization is to find a good balance between the two
      • Given that my structure is an umbrella more surface area would provide more shade

Step 2 - Generative Design Study

  • I took the area of my surface and subtracted my sun radiation value.
    • First I took my old umbrella structure which already calculated a surface area
    • Next I created sun radiation measurements using ladybug tools
    • image
    • By doing this I created a function that would let me get an optimum design that maximizes surface area and minimizes sun radiation when I set Galapagos to maximize.
    • image

Step 3 - Generative Design Study Results

  • Below are the plots that analyze the surface area vs. sun radiation optimization of my building
  • The bottom right shows that values of each iteration with the top being the most optimal
    • This tool can be use to “reinstate” or look at other iterations that may be close to the optimal design
  • The scatter plot on the bottom left shows how similar the iterations were
    • Since the scatter plot is not condensed, there were a wide range of designs to consider
    • This is probably since the maximizing surface area contradicts minimizing sun radiation
  • The line graph on top is a fitness vs time graph which shows different fitness values as more iterations were analyzed
    • The higher the fitness the more optimal it is
  • The middle line graph is a multidimensional point graph that shows how the genome sliders are being manipulated
    • ie: if slider 1 is high and slider 2 is low the line slopes down on that iteration