Anthony Gogola - Module 3

I decided to extend an overhang to the ground on the front side similar to a tunnel for protection. I wanted this bus stop to help provide shelter to those seeking it from the rain, snow, wind, etc. while waiting for a bus or train back home in Chicago. Its clear panels allow for easy view of the bus or train coming, natural sunlight to come in from every direction to brighten up passengers’ days, and allow breathtaking views of the beautiful city buildings in every direction!

This structure is able to be parametrically adjusted in a variety of ways; I used integer sliders within Dynamo. I used 4 points on 4 different geometry llines to structure my 4-point adaptive rib placements in order to raise the height, extend the awning, and bring down the barrier. The structure can be elongated or shortened, expanded or shrunk, and increased or reduced in the x, y, and z directions, respectfully. I decided to limit the values on the low end in order to avoid having a structure with 0 length, width, or height; I assumed a 1-integer change on the slider is equivalent to 0.5 feet and set max limits. Rectangular quad grid points were placed on the rib curved and sliders were also used to change the number of ribs and adaptive panels placed within the structure which will help when adjusting the shelter’s dimensional components to let in more or less sunlight. All coding can be found in my ACC files linked to the journal.