Audrey Yan - Module 8.1

(I’ve actually completed the tool, so I’m not really looking for feedback at this time — I will share my pitch here, however!)


Love is in the air! Well, I’m not getting married, but for whatever reason, just about everyone I know is this year.

Intended users

Romantically inclined folks who have a penchant for custom design. Or anyone who’s interested in designing a solitaire ring.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

Being able to visualize and design your own solitaire ring — ultimate customizability! Without needing to go to the store to be able to engage with your jewelry piece of choice. With this design tool, you have complete control over your personal design and you can visualize your piece of jewelry in 3D rendering from the comfort of your own home.


  • Ring size (US 3 to 13)
  • Ring profile (5 different options offered)
  • Metal color (gold, silver, or rose gold)
  • Band shape (height, thickness, and evenness)
  • Solitaire diamond size
  • Diamond shape (polygonal type)
  • Prong count (part of the ring that holds the diamond)
  • Auxiliary gems — if so, gem count (i.e. smaller diamonds that ring around the band)

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The inputs are all mathematically manipulated to determine the ring geometry! The ring size is formulaically converted to a ring diameter — the ring profile shape is formed from the thickness and height dimensions provided and a number of geometry streams contained by a drop-down menu gate. One of the options will allow for embedded auxiliary diamonds, which circle around the whole band — the number of these smaller diamonds is also determined by the user and is created by subdividing the base circle geometry created earlier. The main diamond is produced entirely within the Grasshopper script and is parametrically variable based on the user’s chosen geometry and chosen diamond size. In addition, the prongs which hold the diamond are also shaped by a polygonal geometry that is determined by the number of prongs the user wants.


A gorgeous 3D rendering of your dream ring!