Daniel Traver

Final Model Results


Modeling Approach

My modeling approach focused on 4 key elements:

  1. Creating a rectangular grid of points with two input categories
    1. Number of points for each x and y
    2. Spacing between each x and y value
  2. Creating an attractor point with number sliders to control the location in the x-y plane
  3. Creating Sine Wave Attractor Logic
    1. With toggles for the base offset, amplification, and number of waves
    2. Create a distnace factor to diminish the waves as distance increases. I originally divided the height offset by just the distance, but this yielded too much of a dropoff that did not seem like realistic ripples. So I changed this to divide the distance by 25 so that there still is a diminishing factor, just not as dramatic.
    3. image
  4. Creating Cylinders with Dynamic Heights based on the Sine Wave Attractor Logic
    1. Dynamo Elements to start (using Cylinder.ByPointsRadius)
    2. Revit Cylinder Mass Elements to complete (using the FamilyInstance.ByPoint)

Model Results with Stagnant Sine Wave Attractor Logic (2 unit base)


Model Geometry with Diminishing Ripples (3 Units)