Isandro Malik - Module 3

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Module 3 - Give Me Shelter

My modeling approach was quite similar to the modules included for us as guidelines. I chose to model an overhang using a combination of adaptive tubing and panel combinations that utilized a 0.5(cos(x) + cos(3x)) function as its secondary form curve. There are a number of parameters that can be flexed including the number of ribs, size and type of the panel, size of the installation’s components (height, width, overhang, etc.) in relation to each other, and the geometry of the guide curves. If I had a little more time to play around with the assignment I would have loved to have modeled a steel wave, sort of playing with the classic overhang and also the idea of the center of the storm being the calmest and most protected (i.e. the inside of the wave would be the place of shade and shelter).