Emma Sun - Module 3


1 - Design Approach

The structure can be an entrance to a train station, amusement park, airport, or bus station. It follows a smooth curve and the dynamic can create some aesthetic benefits for the users. The steps are as follows:

  1. Define the controlling geometry. The controlling geometry is made up of 3 arcs. One side is a parabola, and the other is a sine curve to be more dynamic. The middle curve can control the curviness of the structure.
  2. Divide the curves and put two trusses at the left and right ends.
  3. Create and divide a surface.
  4. Add and change panel types.
  5. Add a pattern to the panels. Half of the panels have a default wall angle of 45 degrees, and half have 10 degrees.

2 - Flexible Parameters

  1. Control Geometry:
    1. The left and right endpoints and the height can be adjusted.
    2. image
    3. The wave amplitude and the number of waves of the sine curve can be changed.
    4. image
  2. The number of trusses can be changed.
  3. image
  4. The number of grid points or the number of panels can be changed.
  5. image