Isandro Gutierrez Malik


Hi everyone my name is Isandro, I’m a senior studying Product Design and just started the Sustainable Design and Construction Coterm. I love nature and engineering and started as a biomechanical engineer here on campus. Halfway through I found that amongst systems of turbines, motors, and flow rates, there seemed to be a sense of real world application missing (at least for me). I switched to PD which incorporated the hands on features of design that I love so much and I haven’t really looked back.

I don’t have a ton of industry experience modeling but I did have the chance to work at a startup in Illinois (where I’m from) that designed and manufactured portable solar cookers for distribution in energy impoverished areas of Kenya, Uganda, and India. Parametric design as a concept is really fascinating to me and as a designer fairly new to Revit, I thought this class would be a great learning experience. I am really passionate about biomimicry and the intersection of nature and design particularly in Architecture, which makes it all the more necessary to develop skills in modeling and application that this class offers. The biggest goals for me would be optimizing for form and function (aesthetic and in harmony with our planet) in a design, utilizing a computational approach (something quite new to me). If you love soccer, biomimicry, smash ultimate, or appreciate Neri Oxman, then definitely hit me up.