Josh Mesenbrink

  • Howdy! My name is Josh, and I am from the largest soybean producing state in the country, Illinois. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 2022. I went to undergrad at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in the home of the pork tenderloin, Indiana. Just like gold prospectors and Lewis and Clark I decided to use the Arch for its intended purpose, the Gateway to the West, in search of new opportunities and experiences
  • Because my parents are always yelling at me to move out of their basement and get a job, I had a previous internship at Case Engineering, Inc. While getting that bag, I gained experience using design procedures and implementing software for structural analysis.
  • I am interested in this class because it will improve my modeling ability. Unlike most Gen Z’s I am not the best with applications, so I am excited to learn new softwares.
  • My goal is to pass the class with flying colors. I also want to create a model that the Louvre would be honored to bestow within its walls that rivals David and the Creation of Adam as pieces of art that are immortal.