Weixuan Lu - Module 8 - Part 1

Solar Skyscraper: Optimized Design for High-Rise Solar Integration




Intended users

The intended users of this system are architects, engineers, and construction professionals involved in designing and planning high-rise buildings with a focus on incorporating solar energy generation and window-to-wall ratio (WWR). These users aim to optimize the building's design to maximize the earnings from photovoltaic (PV) energy generation, ensure efficient space utilization, estimate construction costs, and understand various architectural parameters.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

The need I address is the efficient design of high-rise buildings with solar energy integration. The assumption is that the areas of the roof and walls that are not occupied by windows are exclusively allocated for photovoltaic (PV) panel installation. Architects and engineers require a solution that optimizes energy generation, space utilization, and cost efficiency. My system accurately evaluates building parameters, such as dimensions and window placements, to determine PV earnings. It estimates construction costs, floor areas, and volumes for informed decision-making. Professionals can enhance natural lighting, energy efficiency, and material selection by considering window-to-wall ratios and gross wall surface areas. I provide the necessary tools to create visually striking, energy-efficient, and sustainable skyscrapers, supporting the transition towards greener construction practices.


Building Length

Building Depth

Building Height

Level Height

Panel Widths

Panels Frame Widths

The underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The implemented model applies calculations and algorithms based on inputs like building dimensions, panel sizes, and level heights to determine important outputs. These outputs include PV earnings, gross surface areas, floor numbers and areas, gross volumes, construction costs, net costs, window-to-wall ratios, and gross wall surface areas. The model utilizes industry standards and best practices to provide valuable insights for designing high-rise skyscrapers with solar energy integration.


PV Earnings by Cumulative Insolation

Gross Surface Areas

Numbers of Floors

Gross Floor Areas

Gross Volumes

Total Construction Costs by Floor Levels

Net Costs

Gross Window Areas

Gross PV Panel Areas

Window-to-wall Ratio (WWR)

Number of Panels