Yuan Tang

Self-introduction :)

Hi! I’m Yuan. Nice to meet u all!
Hi! I’m Yuan. Nice to meet u all!

Background experience

I’m currently a first-year master’s student in Sustainable Design and Construction program, sustainable urban system track. I got my Bachelor's degree from UIUC (Illinois, U.S.) and Zhejiang University (China). I had an internship experience in urban planning at Zhejiang Urban and Rural Planning Design Institute. My interest field is sustainable urban system design, and my dream is to find creative sustainable solutions to improve urban life qualities.

I love traveling and just came back from the Antarctic last winter break. I love dogs & cats, though as an international student I don’t have one as my company here :( I love watching movies and novels. I think of myself as a person with some daydreaming and interesting ideas.

I’m a bit shy but easygoing! I would be happy if anyone comment and say HI to me :))

Why I’m interested in this course

Although I am not a structural engineering major, I feel that modeling is important for expressing my ideas, communicating within a team, and presenting to others in the future. I hope that the skills I learn and my ability to acquire more information or skills can be applied to my future work.

My goal for the course

I had experience in Revit when I was a sophomore. I want to learn more about parametric design in a more systematic and deep way. I have no clear goal so far, just looking forward to acquiring more computational design and parametric modeling skills.