CEE 120C/220C:
Computer Lab - Y2E2 184
CEE 120C/220C:
Computer Lab - Y2E2 184

CEE 120C/220C: Computer Lab - Y2E2 184

If you are on-campus, you can work in the CEE computing cluster located in Room 184 of the Y2E2 building and store your files on the AFS file system.

Please note that the Y2E2 184 computers are often unavailable due to the large number of students and classes sharing the computers in this room.   We highly recommend that you also install the class software on your own personal computer and bring that device to campus with you.

Accessing the Computer Lab

  • The Y2E2 building is open from 7 AM to 7 PM. To access the building after 7 PM:
    • All enrolled students who have completed Safety Training can be added to the building access list. Contact your program’s administrative associate to be added.
    • Present your student ID at one of the card readers located at the building entrances to tap into the building
  • Y2E2 184 Door Access Code: 113751

Logging into the Workstations

  • You can login to workstations using SUNet ID and Password. It will take a few minutes to setup the first time that you login, so please be patient. There is a one-time process to configure your AFS folders, and after completing it, you can save your work files to your AFS space. (More info about AFS at http://itservices.stanford.edu/service/afs).
  • Be sure to LOGOUT when done to keep your files safe and secure.

Storing Your Files

Option 1 : AFS Folders

  • To make it easy to access your files from any workstation, you can store your work in your AFS folders. You’ll find them by navigating to the folder c:/users/yourSUNetID and then choosing either the Documents or Desktop folder (for example, c:/users/glkatz/Documents or c:/users/glkatz/Desktop).
  • Files saved to these AFS folders are stored on a central file server and will follow you as you move between workstations in Y2E2.

Option 2: Cloud Drives

  • You’ll probably also want to store your files on a cloud drive, so you can access your files from anywhere. You can use:
    • Your personal folder on our Autodesk Construction Cloud site
    • Google Drive
    • One Drive

Option 3: USB Drive

  • To be extra careful, it’s also wise to carry a copy of your files on a USB drive, so you always have a copy – even when internet connectivity isn’t available.