Alanna Joachim - in progress

Intended Users

Offshore Wind Farm Bidders

Common Problems Faced by Users

  • Uncertain environmental conditions in bidding locations
  • Budgetary constraints and competitive, fast paced bidding environment
  • Lack of local community acceptance for most projects
  • Overwhelming amount of information to consider for each site, with many sites up for bid

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

  • More automated bidding process
  • Flexibility and accessibility to optimization and exploration of tradeoffs rather than having to hire outside consultants

How will this product help solve these problems and fulfill these needs?

  • Helps to determine optimal placement of offshore wind turbines
  • Evaluates the advantages of different locations and sizes for wind farm turbines based on a variety of factors


Design Variables:

  • Wind turbine height (ft)
  • Turbine bottom radius (ft)
  • Turbine top radius (ft)
  • Distance from shore in the x direction (miles)
  • Distance from shore in the y direction (miles)
  • Number of turbines in the wind farm
  • Wind farm # of y grid
  • Wind farm # of x grid
    • Make a grid of wind turbine placement points?
    • place a turbine on each of these points
  • Soil conditions
  • Average wind speeds


  • Material cost
  • Labor cost
  • Cost/MW of Energy Capacity
  • Competitive Bid price per size of wind farm

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

Determines choice of wind turbine dimensions and wind farm size to maximize energy generation, minimize cost to construct (materials and labor), as well as maximize local community acceptance.


  • Total Cost of Materials, Building, and Labor ($)
  • Energy Generation (MW)
  • Local community acceptance (create custom evaluation for a numerical metric that designates how accepting the local community would be to this design)
  • Probability of getting the bid or calculation of financial risk