Josh Mesenbrink - Module 8 - Part 1

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Module 8 - Make Your Pitch

Intended Users

This design tool is intended to help owners, general contractors, architects, and engineers who are looking to construct typical warehouses or apartment complexes. The tool is easy to use and does not require any previous technical knowledge about structural design. However, it will provide a quick output model of the desired structure on which further analysis can be conducted. The analysis that will be conducted by the tool is the maximum displacement and the forces in the beam.

Need You’re Trying to Provide a Solution or Support For

Housing in many current cities is no longer sufficient to withstand the population. Additionally, as the urban population continues to grow, there is a growing concern regarding affordable housing. This design tool would allow for quicker design of necessary housing and make the process more efficient.


  • Number of Longitudinal Bays
  • Number of Transverse Bays
  • Structure Height
  • Column Height/Story Height
  • Number of Columns
  • Number of Longitudinal Beams
  • Number of Transverse Beams
  • Beam Sizes
  • Column Sizes
  • Column and Beam Support Conditions
  • Loading

Underlying Logic of the Model

The underlying logic necessary for the use of the tool begins with the inputs. It will use the specified number of longitudinal and transverse bays to form the building footprint. Then the tool will use the number of stories specified to create the correct number of floors. This is dependent upon the inputs of structure height and column height. Then based upon the number of longitudinal and transverse beams the tool will create the desired number of members. This is also the case for the number of columns. The design tool will also create appropriate member sizes based upon the user inputs. Then using the loading input the deflections in the structure can be computed.


  • Beam Sizes
  • Column Sizes
  • Three-Dimensional Model
  • Maximum Beam Deflection
  • Beam Forces