Yuan Tang - Module 8.1

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Module 8 - Make Your Pitch

Taking steps further on Module 7, in Module 8 my goal is to make a tool package of parametric design for net-zero energy stadium.

Intended users and Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

As a simplification parametric design tool, the intended users of this generative design tool are developers and designers who want to have a basic glimpse of the cost and solar energy generation before getting into real hard work of designing.

With the tradeoff relations inside the tool, users can have an idea if they can really payback after installing solar panels since the initial and maintanence costs of solar system is not cheap.


For the inputs I tried to be as original as possible. That means I want the raw data of needs so that they don’t need to do extra calculation or data transformation.

  1. The Floor Area / The base floor radius if it is a round stadium.
  2. The Height of the Stadium.
  3. The Audience Capacity (maximum).
  4. The Expected PV System Life (depends on brands/ types of solar panels that developers will choose).

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The underlying logic is that :

Firstly, according to the base floor area and the height of the stadium data that users provided, we can write the nodes/flows that can do generative design for different shapes of the stadium.

Then, the rooftop part of the stadium will be used for solar panel installation. So the rooftop area will be calculated and the approximate number of panels used will be estimated and counted into the total costs (because solar panels are still quite expensive so far).

The solar energy generated will be estimated based on solar potential and solar directness. Then the energy saving will be transformed into cost saving based on the prices in real electricity markets.

I also want to add a logic that can arrange the seats of audience and using risers to model the seats inside the stadium.


For outputs I tried to be as specific as possible. I plan to offer the detailed benefit from PV system and the estimation total cost of the stadium as a rough guidance for developers.

  1. Base Floor Area
  2. Rooftop Solar Panels Area
  3. Solar Potential
  4. Cost Saving by Using Solar Energy
  5. Total Cost Estimation