Amy Zhou

                                 me and my fabulous pooch, teddy 🙂
me and my fabulous pooch, teddy 🙂
  • Hi! My name is Amy. I am currently finishing up my undergrad and starting grad school at Stanford. I am also currently studying abroad in Berlin, Germany! So, my hours might be a little weird. Some of my hobbies include: crocheting, skateboarding, and classical music. (Here is a link to some of my work and hobbies, my personal website). I am excited to be a part of this course! Please reach out if you'd like to chat anytime :-)
  • I am a product design undergrad and mechanical engineering coterm master’s at Stanford. Through my courses, I have gained lots of experience in CAD and 3D modeling, which is why I am very excited to learn in this course the tools of architecture and bring them into the context of product design engineering.
  • I have previously worked at Apple working on Softgoods (soft products and accessories) as a Product Designer (for one year), and mechanical engineering intern at a mechanical engineering consulting company, where I worked on medical devices. Through my industry experience, I have also done hours and hours of CAD!
  • I am interested in this course because I think it will bring not only a new modeling perspective to the work that I currently do but also a new artistic perspective.
  • I hope to learn a lot through this course and create something that I can be proud of. :)