Sreethu Sura

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Sustainable Design and Construction - SUS track
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Introduction πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

  • Hello everyone! This is Sreethu.
  • My personality :
  • Sensible Responsible Excited Empowered Tolerant Helpful Unwavering

  • I am originally from a small city called Nellore in India.
  • My personal interests and hobbies:
    • I like making new friends and hanging out with them πŸ«‚
    • I enjoy travelling to different places. I am both beach and mountain person ✈️
    • I play cricket, soccer, badminton, tennis but not good at it πŸπŸπŸΈπŸ“
    • I am usually eager to learn new things. Recently started learning guitar 🎸
    • I am big binge watcher and I love to spend my free time watching movies and series 🍿
      • I love anime. My favorite anime is One piece πŸ‘’
              Yosemite, USA
Yosemite, USA
                   Marina Beach, India
Marina Beach, India

Academic & Work Experience πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“

  • I am a first year Master’s student in Sustainable Design and Construction (haven’t decided the track yet, but mostly Management or SUS).
  • I did my undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai, India majoring in civil engineering with a focus in structural engineering.
  • I also worked as a intern at Larsen & Toubro, India where I was a part of a structural engineering team in designing a 6-storeyed residential building.
  • I got interested to learn more about the intersection of construction and novel technologies like Virtual Design & Construction for building better and sustainable buildings. And my academic skills include solid foundation in civil engineering, strong coding skills in Python and knowledge in AI techniques like ML, DL
  • The projects and my other academic experiences motivated me to do master’s at a university that align with my interests. So, I came to Stanford! (I came for my graduate study straight out of my undergrad)

Why CEE 220C & What I want to learn πŸ“‘

  • I am more into technology driven design and construction processes. The course content with parametric modelling attracted me.
  • I want to be able to leverage automation to design impressive projects in my professional career in a efficient fashion.
  • Also, I met Glen at PBL class (CEE 222), really liked his energy and wanted to take one of his courses
  • Speaking of PBL, I want to contribute to my team (Ridge), so want to master the ins and outs of parametric design using Dynamo and Python-driven APIs.
  • Looking forward to design cool stuff and improve my skills!