Richard Asiimwe

Richard Asiimwe

  1. Building Form



  1. Dynamo Graph


  1. Design

i) Geometry
  • Building is composed of a two floor podium and tower.
  • The podium and tower are formed with triangular profiles and fillet arc corners.
  • The podium is formed with two profiles while the tower is formed with three profiles at base, mid and top height.
  • The profile widths are 75% of profile depths
  • Tower depth is 80% of the podium depth.
  • Top profile is rotated 180 degrees.

ii) Constant Parameters
  • Mid tower profile height is kept at half the building height.
  • No rotation at podium, tower base and top profiles.

iii) Dynamic Flex Input Parameters
  • Three input values tested with modifications to custom nodes - Building Height, Floor Depth and Mid-Floor Profile Rotation.
  • Building Height Test Range: 500..750..50.
  • Floor Depth Test Range: 300..435..27.
  • Mid Floor Rotation Range: 7.5..45..7.5.