CEE 120/220 Series | Spring 2024:
Meet Your Teaching Team
CEE 120/220 Series | Spring 2024:
Meet Your Teaching Team

CEE 120/220 Series | Spring 2024: Meet Your Teaching Team

Glenn Katz

Glenn Katz is an educator at Stanford University, focussing on courses integrating BIM, systems integration, parametric design optimization, and sustainable design principles, as well as leading the building design team at Bearington Studios — a design firm in San Jose, CA.

Glenn has over 40 years of industry experience working at the intersection of AEC, education, and technology.  He created the Autodesk BIM Curriculum for AEC and publishes extensively through his educational website at www.bimtopia.com and his YouTube channel – BIMtopia – which has over 9000 subscribers and 1.7 million views.

Glenn graduated from MIT, where he focused on architecture and structural engineering, then completed the M.S. degree program in construction management at Stanford University.


Yueer Cai


Email: yueerc@stanford.edu

Hi there! I'm a master's student in the Sustainable Design and Construction program at Stanford. My focus is on leveraging sustainable design principles to make a tangible difference in underdeveloped areas. I'm driven by the vision that one day, families with limited economic resources will be able to improve their living conditions through my sustainable construction designs. I'm excited to be part of the change and to connect with others who share my passion for sustainability and innovation. Besides, I love traveling, exploring cuisines, and spending time with dogs!

Marcus Floyd


Email: marcusfl@stanford.edu

Marcus is Coterm student in the SDC program at Stanford focusing on the urban systems track. With a background in Architectural Design, he has a refined design focus and loves to use a variety of programs and applications such as Revit and Twinmotion to conceptualize idea in the built environment. He is passionate about different explorations of creativity ranging from Music to Unreal Engine and is particularly interested in electrical vehicle charging infrastructure at the moment. Glad to help with any of those interests or more!

Anthony Gogola


Email: gogola@stanford.edu

Gogo is a 2nd year Master’s student in the SDC program at Stanford on the Management track. He brings a wide range of experience to the already stacked team from a civil engineering undergraduate degree focused in structural engineering & construction management as well as in mathematics, to working as a transportation civil engineer for Chicago and a Scheduling/Cost Analyst for a major, national GC. He enjoys the process of building, whether with his hands or with key strokes he is always looking for ways to improve the constructability & efficiency of projects.


Linh Dan Do


Email: linhdan@stanford.edu

Hi! I am Coterm student in the SEM program. I have an interest in integrating sustainability within structural/architectural design

Adeline Leung


Email: aleung7@stanford.edu

Adeline is a 1st year graduate student in the Sustainable Design and Construction program at Stanford. From her background in architecture and structural engineering along with her experience working on the design and construction of transportation and infrastructure facilities, she has gained familiarity with Revit, Rhino, and energy modeling. Her interests lie in regenerative design, adaptive reuse, and sustainable materials, and she hopes to integrate architecture, engineering, and construction to implement sustainable solutions in the built environment.

Albertine Van Marcke


Email: avm@stanford.edu

Hello Everyone! I am a first year SDC student in the structures track. I previously studied civil engineering at TU Delft, with a semester abroad in Milan. I love travelling and have a strong interest in historic structures and the sustainability lessons we can learn from the past, as well as circularity and sustainable design. Additionally, during my undergrad, I did research on cement alternatives at a startup. Last year I did a master in structural mechanics and design where I learned to use Grasshopper for computational optimization and during the summer I interned at Buro Happold as a structural engineer, with a focus on embodied carbon.