Chween An Beh - Module 3

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Module 3 - Give Me Shelter

The design of my shelter consists of two major elements:

  1. The vertical support (column)
  2. The canopy structure

This design allows for high flexibility in the use of the structure and adapt to the industrialization construction (factory production). It can also stand directly on the floor without a column as a standalone canopy structure. The column is set to connect directly to the canopy at the connection joint of the same width between the two structures. The column's properties can be adjusted using integer sliders to change:

  1. Height of the column
  2. Number of columns
  3. Number of prefabricated elements per column

To form the structure without the column, simply set the height of the column to 0. For the canopy structure, the following properties can be adjusted for flexibility:

  1. Height of the canopy
  2. Length of the canopy
  3. Size of the structure (changing the Y offset)
  4. Length of the connection joint
  5. Number of panels in the X direction
  6. Number of panels in the Y direction

The canopy structure is set to always be symmetrical in the X direction and Y direction. Overall, the design approach aims to make it as flexible as possible for manufacturing and to fit into structures of different sizes for multipurpose use. It can be as small as a bus stop or as big as a concert hall.