Chween An Beh - Module 8 - Part 2

Floor Plan Configurator (FPC)

FPC is a generative design floor planning tool to arrange the 3 pre-defined space in a boundary area. This could be used for the study of possibility of floor planning for conversion of commercial building to residential building to achieve certain combination of units/spaces (low-cost housing), revenue potential of the combination of space and the space utilization rate of the floor plan. This study can be further extended for cost evaluation, embodied carbon evaluation and many more.



For the study of floor plan configuration, the below are used: a. Boundary Length - Constant

b. Boundary Width - Constant

c. Space Length - Constant

d. Type A Width - Constant

e. Type B Width - Constant f. Type C Width - Constant

g. Type A Revenue Potential - Constant

h. Type B Revenue Potential - Constant

  1. Type C Revenue Potential - Constant

j. Seed Number - Variable


  1. Revenue Potential
  2. Space Utilization Rate
  3. Space A (%)
  4. Space B (%)
  5. Space C (%)

Link to Video: Passcode: Q6^xEr%*