Natalia Chen

Then, share your Design Journal entry here (replacing these instructions) ... Just delete this instruction text, and start typing your response.

Please include a brief overview of each of the models you’ve created. Each project overview should include:
  • A screenshot of your finished model geometry
    • Walk in the Park - an image of the Dynamo geometry
    • Eliminate the Echo - an image of the Rhino geometry
    • Happy Facade - an image of the Revit wall
  • A few sentences describing your modeling approach
  • The link to your Module 2 folder in our Autodesk Construction Cloud project.


This was a lot of fun and helped solidify everything that was covered in the Module 2 recorded session. I had fun playing with the number of waves in this model and the location of the attractor point. It was cool to see the wave become more defined as I increased the number of rectangles.

I’m hoping that I can try out Rhino and Grasshopper too! If there isn’t enough time, I’ll try and tackle it over the summer. I’m happy that I’m at least making some progress with learning Dynamo and Revit :)