Sodbilig Batjargal

Walk in the Park


  In this Dynamo workflow, I create a 200' x 200' grid of points to represent a park, adjusting point spacing with integer sliders. I start with a smaller grid for development, expanding it later. Points are generated using the Point.ByCoordinates node with Cross Product lacing and are flattened with the Flatten node. I then place cuboids at each point using the Cuboid. An attractor point, adjusted via sliders, initiates a sine wave ripple effect that modifies cuboid heights. Heights are calculated using a sine function and ensured to be positive by adding a base height. I adjust cuboid elevations to uniform base levels using Geometry. Translate.   Additionally, one of the most challenging aspects was adjusting the variables after combining all the expressions to precisely replicate the intended design. It became evident that even minor changes to any of the variables can lead to significantly different designs, making it difficult to recreate the same design after several attempts. This was my first time tackling such a task, and as I continue to handle multiple challenges, I hope to develop the ability to accurately reproduce the designs I envision.