Sodbilig Batjargal_Module 8 Part-2

Brief Overview

The Basketball Stadium Optimizer (BSO) is a parametric design tool created to assist architects, engineers, and sports facility planners in designing and optimizing the layout of basketball stadiums. The tool focuses on maximizing seating capacity while ensuring optimal viewing angles for all spectators. It incorporates key factors such as stadium dimensions, number of rows, seat dimensions, and viewing angle constraints.

With the BSO, users can:

  • Define and adjust the dimensions of the stadium and the number of seating tiers.
  • Optimize seating arrangements to maximize capacity and enhance viewing quality.
  • Visualize different seating configurations in 3D.
  • Receive recommendations for the best stadium layout based on input criteria.

Catchy Name

Basketball Stadium Optimizer (BSO)

Teaser Image


The teaser image shows a 3D model of a basketball stadium with an optimized seating arrangement. The image highlights the tiered seating structure, color-coded to indicate different viewing angles. The basketball court is centered, with spectator seats arranged to provide the best possible view. Capacity and viewing angle statistics are displayed alongside the model.

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