Vaishnavi - Module 8 - Part 2



What is AttractiBuild?

My tool, as I call it - AttractiBuild, is a parametric design generator. Like the name suggests, this tools helps to build buildings that are very attractive to the tenants, while maximising the rents to the builders.


  • Top Profile
  • Bottom Profile
  • Twist
  • Mid-Offset
  • Mid Polygon sides
  • Studio Area
  • Monthly Rent per Unit


  • Construction Costs
  • Unoccupied Units (%)
  • Tenant Attractiveness Score
  • Monthly Rent for the building

How does it work?

AttractiBuild is a parametric building generator, that designs residential buildings with studio units. This tool has a very unique metric called “Tenant Attractiveness Score”. This score depends on the the uniqueness of building geometry, tenants’ perceptions of a comfortable space and reasonable rent. The score is on the scale of 1-100 for the same. This model assumes that the building shall always have 50% occupancy for certain, while the rest 50% occupancy depends upon how attractive the building is perceived to be. That is, if the score is zero, the building shall be 50% occupied and when the score is 100, the building shall be fully occupied.

The model also assumes that the cost of construction depends on the uniqueness of the building. 10% of the total construction costs depend on the complexity of the building. The builder can evaluate different options for the area of the studios and monthly rent. The builder/ owner can use this tool to evaluate decisions like whether or not there should be more number of units with lesser area or in what way he can make a decision on the rent to make sure the building is occupied. The builder/ owner can evaluate different options based on their targets and personal experiences.

There are some constant inputs such as the size of the plot, permitted height of the building, floor-to-floor height, construction costs, that can be changed at the beginning of the project as per the local conditions and constraints.



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