María Teresa Ruiz

Hello! My name is María Teresa Ruiz, and I am from Perú. I studied my bachelor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú in the major of civil engineering. One month before finishing college, I started working at one of the most important Engineering & Construction companies, COSAPI. I started as a project management trainee, but quickly afterwards I worked as a field engineer, a position in which I learned about construction and production management and also about the high level of collaboration and coordination with the different stakeholders. 

I worked for about 5 years for the same company, and I was fortunate to have participated in all the different sectors of the company (infrastructure, mining, refinery, and edifications). Then, I was invited to work for another company, under Public-Private partnership, again for the general contractor in charge of hospital construction. I worked here for 2 years, until just 1 week before coming to Stanford.

I really liked the comprehensive program of the master: Sustainable Design & Construction. This course, like the others, provides valuable tools and knowledge that will complement my professional formation. I especially decided to take parametric design since the automation of processes in the design and even for the visual models is currently widely used, but I have not had the opportunity to use it before, and I really would like to! Every tool that lets us take advantage of technology helps us improve!