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Jun 23, 2021 7:45 PM
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Daria Melek Haner
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I needed to research for some of the information in the analysis of the product, I didn't have it all off the top of my head.

Brief Analysis of the Product

  • It is a standard folding hand fan, made of dyed wood slats with colored cloth in the middle
  • its main use, and its use for me, is to help one keep cool by waving it and creating a breeze or flow of air towards oneself.
  • hand fans like these have been around for centuries in places around the world, and have, in the past, had certain connotations. For example, in Victorian times, there was the "secret language of fans" which could be used to convey interest in someone at a ball or party, and in Song dynasty China, painted fans were a sought after status symbol

Key Features that Promote Sustainability

  • It is reusable and not made of plastics, which take very long to decompose
  • It does not use electricity and instead works with just the power of the person moving it back and forth- its design of being flat and broad makes it efficient in creating a breeze
  • it has a very simple design that has kept it in use for centuries without any changes needed- it is sustainable in terms of human history and does not need to change with the times.

Features that Reduce Sustainability

  • If one isn't careful, it is quite easy to break, so that promotes buying more and more fans which requires more production, and depending on the dye or material of the fan, that might have an environmental cost.
  • It can only be used for one person at a time- for example, an electric fan is only required to be one per room, while hand fans are for personal use. This leads to buying multiple in a household, which needs more production (cost explained above).
  • Many fans are mass-produced in factories rather than handmade or hand painted these days, so that could increase pollution.