KitchenAid Microwave(KMCS3022G)

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Jun 23, 2021 9:08 PM
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Saagar Arya
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Brief Analysis of the Product

  • An obvious convenience of a microwave is the ability to reheat, and even make food in a relatively short amount of time
  • Before even researching the product I can see that there is no eco mode
  • Further it seems as if the microwave is always in a semi-on state since it has a small screen that can't be turned off
  • The label on the product reads that it takes 120V and 15Amps for it to run

Key Features that Promote Sustainability

  • This product in some respects does not earn a high sustainability rating yet to some degree the parent company does.
  • The company however is pushing a rapid development in which it hopes to eliminate factory waste, and harshly cut down Carbon emissions in the next ten years.
  • Further, they hope to protect workers by increasing wages and having ZERO fatalities or serious injuries at any manufacturing site.

Features that Reduce Sustainability

  • The product does not contain other more eco-friendly modes.
  • The always-on display means it is draining power to some respect.
  • The packaging on this product is very wasteful in my opinion. As some newer products come with a carboard composite packaging this does not and chooses a cheaper option: styrofoam. Further it seems excessive since much of the space in the box is wasted and empty altogether