Metal Straw

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Jun 22, 2021 4:24 AM
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Yijia Zhang
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Brief Analysis of the Product

  • Metal straws acts as a replacement for non-reusable plastic and paper straws.
  • Manufactures have created a 2-part straw, so the metal can be easily twisted apart and cleaned without the need for addition tools.
  • Because metal straws do not have any aftertastes unlike grass straws, it resembles a paper or plastic straw regarding its function.

Key Features that Promote Sustainability

  • Metal straws, especially those made out of stainless steel, are durable. They do not bend and loose its shape, nor does it break like glass.
  • Metal straws are portable due to its pencil-like shape that allows it to be carried around easily. Users can easily slip them into purses for daily use or trips.
  • Metal straws contributes less to landfills than paper or plastic straws. The one-time produced product can be reused unlike its non-reusable counterparts.

Features that Reduce Sustainability

  • Metal straw is made from nickel collected through mining. The mining process creates irreversible changes to the landscape, causes displacement, and pollutes water.
  • A study (Tolbert and Koscielak) discovered that the energy needed to produce one metal straw is equivalent to that needed to produce 90 plastic straws.
  • Metal are temperature sensitive, thus, it is not safe to use on an extremely warm or cold day to avoid burns. As a result, users may choose alternative products (plastic straws) that are less sustainable.