Recycled Paper Cup Holder

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Jun 23, 2021 3:10 AM
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Rick Hsieh
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Brief Analysis of the Product

  • Are cup holders made from recycled papers and usually you get them when you order more than one drink. It is something that makes it easier for you to hand carry the drinks.
  • People usually got them along with their drinks and most of them throw the holder away directly after.
  • Usage of recycled paper products is something that people think is sustainable and eco-friendly. The recycled papers usually come from a paper that you threw in recycling bins that were being added with water and refined.
  • Something to add on is that the holder is easy to break apart when the air is humid or if water is frequently on it.

Key Features that Promote Sustainability

  • Unbleached - bleach used in factories cause water and air pollution
  • Made from recycled paper - no new trees being cut off
  • Recyclable - recycled paper products are recyclable
  • Lightweight - does not add extra weight on you when you are using it to carry your drinks

Features that Reduce Sustainability

  • Requires more energy, electricity, when being recycled again
    • Energy comes from power plants which produce other types of pollution indirectly
  • Waste in the environment if not recycled properly
    • Flow to the ocean might cause marine life to digest it accidentally, which might kill them
    • Recycled materials not being treated properly by waste-management companies