Analysis — Reverse-Engineering a Product's MVP & Ideating Alternatives

July 1, 2021 → July 7, 2021

Have you ever used a product and wondered what was going through the head of the designer when they came up with this?  This is your chance to do just that!

Think about a product that you find useful, and try to put yourself into the designer's mindset -- what were the features of the Minimum Viable Product that the designer used as a guide in designing it:

  • Why did some features make it into the final product?
  • Why were other potential features omitted?

Please share your creative thinking by:

  • Creating a list of 3 or 4 essential features that the product had to provide.
  • Applying your creativity and ingenuity to propose another way that the essential functionality could have been provided.
Please entry your responses on the Assignment Discussion page in Canvas. Keep it concise -- no more than 200 words. Feel free to add images, links, or whatever media best conveys your thinking.

Assignment Submission moved to Canvas. Please submit your response on the Assignment Discussion page there.

Product MVPs & Alternatives