Composite Character Profiles

Minimalistic Megan

  • Young, recently got a job and looking for a small functional space to live, work and entertain
  • Sustainable activist, who cares about sustainability and her mark on the world
  • Wants to live in a modern, yet minimal space that is long term
  • Should not require a lot of maintenance or money
  • Has lots of friends over often yet also works from home
  • Loves the outdoors and does not like small closed off areas

Sensible Sherry

  • Older, likes to go to a gym close by her house instead of buying equipment
  • Wants to find a place or way to spend less money on electricity in her house
  • Lives in an area where she constantly has to use air conditioning
  • Feels like she is wasting energy by using the lights and air conditioning so much
  • Not into researching sustainability, but is open to it and will use it if its an easier/better option

Working Rob

  • Mid-40s, married, 1 kid
  • Wants to be more conscious about his money and downsize to a smaller house
    • In order to save money for retirement and for his kid's college tuition
  • Rob's company recently moved to optional remote work
    • this means that he can work form anywhere in the country
    • He also would like his house to have a designated office where he can work
      • his office needs to be practical and calming as he will be spending a lot of time there
  • Rob would also like a house that is easy to maintain and cost little to run.

Luxury Linda

  • Her lifestyle is decadent and indulgent, not scared of spending money
  • Married with 2 young kids who are extremely spoiled
  • Does not pay attention to being sustainable or environmentally-friendly
  • In search of a spacious, luxury home because of her kids
  • Does not want to compromise on quality or functionality