This is the POV statement that our team feels will provide the best point of departure for ideating about the features of a potential service or app.

Team A - Aya, Marc, Moustafa - rentABLE

[Jon] needs [a short-term yet affordable private space] because [he doesn't have a backyard and wants to have a family lunch]

Our service is an application that helps users to rent a private space for a couple of hours. (Such as the backyard or a kitchen, or lake access of a house)

Team B - Megha, Kelly - Resilient Recyclers

[Young, single mother with several growing children] needs [a service that repurposes old clothing] because [she needs to shop for clothes for her children frequently and is not able to afford many sustainable, long-lasting clothing.]

Our service or app is a custom clothing brand (and service) that takes old clothing and uses the fabric to create new clothing designs based on the consumer's choices.

Team C - Saagar, Rick, Kate - Team nEat

[Generous Jean] needs [to be more efficient with purchasing food and have less wasted food] because [she wants to help her charity by being more conscious of costs since the price of food is rising making it harder to provide as many meals as before]

Our service will connect restaurants to local charities and homeless shelters in order to donate their "end of day" food items that would otherwise be wasted, making an impact and getting advertising attention in the process.

Team D - Annie, Cecilia, Ari - StepLightly

[Helen] needs [a constant reminder/provider of new avenues to maintain her sustainable lifestyle that is fun and engaging in order to both prove to her friends that she is conscious of the environment as well as attempt to improve the world and community around her]

Our app is a subscription based carbon emission tracker/scorer which provides suggestions for how to reduce emissions to help both the environment and one's wallet going forward.

Team E - Coco, Sameeha, Daria - Uncle Iroh's Wisdom

[Just Average Joe] needs [a more engaging and enjoyable way to easily contribute to and learn more about environmental issues] because he [wants to elevate his environmental contribution without monumental effort]

Our service will provide an educational experience where users learn about environmentally sustainable topics through an interactive and competitive story game, complete with a list of relevant activities or charities to match users' demonstrated level of time and monetary availability when they complete each learning level.

Team G - Anna, Riva, Noah - The Outsourcerors

[Tigor] needs [a service that outsources environmental solutions that can breakeven rapidly and is meaningful to the everyday consumer] because [people need to become more sustainable but also mindful of their money and cannot always take on large projects such as solar panels]

Our service or app is a subscription service that provides information about the changing energy forms in the grid and allows users to take advantage of periods of sustainability within the grid (through a battery system) in order to reduce their energy cost and environmental impact

Team H - Rahmani, Claire, Dymasius - Waste Warriors

[Woke William] needs [an easy and proactive way to recycle, reduce and reuse his waste, and eventually encourage his housemates to do the same] because [he sees how bad of an issue plastic waste is and wants to be more involved and knowledgeable about the waste management services]

Our service will provide an easy, clear and proactive way to recycle, reduce and reuse plastic waste correctly within the comfort of your own homes.

Team I - Olivia, Nicole, Ashley - Refills on Wheels

[Samuel, a motivated environmentalist with a time-consuming job], needs [a way to buy/replace his hygienic products] because [he wants to have quality products without taking too much time out of his day while supporting sustainability].

Our service will be a subscription service where you can sign up on our app and schedule refills for sustainable hygienic products and makeup that will be delivered to or refilled at your house.

Team K - Venger, Dipankar, Alan - Breathe Better

[Regular Rob] needs [an appealing and affordable air filtration service ] because [COVID has made him more health-conscious and attentive to air quality ]

Our service will deliver a monthly package with all the necessary nutrients that the user will need for their air purifier (for their Breathe Fresh).

Team L - Ryan, Alex, Michael - Transient Transport

[Married Mark] needs [a safe and reliable way to cheaply transport his children] because [he and his wife cannot when they're working, and they do not have a lot of disposable income].

Our service is an electric carpooling 'Uber' service, designed for high safety (differentiator?) and low cost. Designed to be a cheaper, more sustainable transport option.

Team M - Rick, Oaklyn, Idil - Sustainable Recycling

[Alex] needs [a simple way to ensure recycling for them & their roommates] because [they produce a lot of waste and are unsure how to manage it with busy schedules]

A simple, accessible way for people to recycle that guarantees the waste will actually be repurposed in the most effective way possible, without losing the convenience of a city recycling program to pick up their waste.

Team N - Cecelia - Donation Advisor

[Simple Sam] needs [a service to help inform and organize donations] because [they're looking for an easy way organize their donations]

The service is an app that provides information and easy access to organizations to donate to (based on type of material to be donated?) and keep track of, while encouraging people to donate more often.