How might we... [for Reliable Kate]?

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Kate needs a reliable product that is on the latest sustainability trend because she has done research on the product before purchasing and have a pro and con list for the product from each manufacturer

Ideate to come up with questions that explore different strategies for meeting this need.

  • 18
  • Always prepared for the unexpected
  • Kate follows sustainable low-key bloggers and have a Pinterest board on sustainability and staying organized
  • Creates a to do list before she goes to bed, everything in her house is organized in containers and boxes made from recycled materials.
  • Careful, logical, thinks before she act and speaks. Needs to consider all aspects of a product before purchasing
  • Has done research on sustainability and is taking Environmental Science at school
The point here is to use divergent thinking to explore the widest range of potential strategies before converging a specific strategy to develop in detail.
  • How might we create a product that looks sharp, classy, and trendy? 1
  • How might we market this product on social media to differentiate from the competitors? 2
  • How might we create features that attract the attention of environmentalists/sustainable bloggers? 3
  • How might we create a product that runs consistently and reliably for a long period of time? 4
  • How might we make our products competitive with the facts and figures? (length of battery time? waterproof?) 5
  • How might we minimize the waste during production, distribution, and retirement tangibly? 6