Design Program / Goals for Our Project

Point of View Statement

Enter a refined POV statement that succinctly describes the essential user needs that you're designing a solution to provide. This will likely be based on your earlier POV statements, but may have evolved and updated based on your continued exploration and refining of your understanding of the problems throughout the Ideating phase of the design thinking process.

Tom needs a better remote working experience in his home that promotes productivity and work-life balance because he is finding it difficult to work from home with his back pain, lack of natural light and small space.

Design Program / Goals

The design goals that our team has chosen to target as we address the needs that we've identified include:

  • To have a dedicated space within the home designed for optimal work productivity, so as to limit the psychological blending between work and home
    • Number of the target audience who agree that the workspace is organised and can boost productivity
    • Target: compact workspace that is functional. Has everything you need there to work.
  • Implement various QOL improvements such that life at home outside the workspace is as relaxing and easy as possible.
    • Number of the target audience who agrees that the amenities in our design model are comfortable
    • Target: comfortable work chair. option to still relax in your bedroom but it is separated from the workspace
  • Include indoor and outdoor living elements to not make people feel cooped up when working
    • Number of a target audience who agree with the amount of natural light and airflow within the design model
    • Target: maximising smaller spaces, utilise natural lighting, balcony and outside airflow