Point of View Statements

Best Point of View Radical Rihanna

[Radical Rihanna] needs [an easily adoptable, easy to promote — product that promotes sustainability in water use — that she can share with her friends and family] because [it will make her feel good about doing a greater good]

Point of View Selfish Sarah

[Selfish Sarah] needs [a — product — that makes it easy to conserve water and become educated about water sustainability] because [she does not recognise any repercussions of her actions and continues to waste water]

Point of View Statement Poor Peter

[Poor Peter] needs [cheaper and clean drinking water] because [he has a lack of access and constantly reuses water to a point of contamination and he cannot afford clean water]

Point of View Statement Clueless Cynthia

[Clueless Cynthia] needs [to use water more efficiently] because [she wants to learn more and change her habits]

Point of View Statement Eco Eric

Eco Eric needs an easy water-saving hack because he doesn't want to continue keeping his housemates accountable and can't afford anything expensive.

Point of View Statement Surfer Sam

Surfer Sam needs to feel cool amongst his friends whilst being water-wise because he'd rather be in the popular group at school than be sustainable.

Point of View Statement Undergrad Tom

Undergrad Tom needs to use easily accessible clean and healthy water for his consumption because he needs to stay focused and healthy during his studies.

Point of View Statement Office Cleaner Liz (SG)

Office Cleaner Liz needs to have clean water because she needs it for her everyday work.