Design Program / Goals for Our Project

Point of View Statement

Annissa needs a safe self-sustaining space for her family that can withstand natural disasters because her farmer village in Indonesia is at constant risk of being flooded.

Design Program / Goals

The design goals that our team has chosen to target as we address the needs that we've identified include:

  • The water structure is resistant to natural disasters resulting from climate change
    • What types of natural disasters it can withstand and the scale (wave heights, seismic activity)
    • Will withstand earthquakes, floods, tsunamis...
  • Serving millions of people that are at constant risk from natural disasters
    • How cheap is the solution? How easily accessible it is for poor people around the globe? How flexibly can it change the location? What is the maximum capacity?
    • Providing easy & fast help to all people that are at risk, regardless of social status
  • The water structure is energy efficient and uses renewable energy sources
    • What renewable sources are most available to be used for this solution?
    • Becoming CO2-eq. emissions-free