Coco Interview 1

Who Did You Interview?

  • Mom

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • 50 years
  • Works as Medical Data Analyst/Statistician
  • Loves traveling, plants, antiques
  • Born and raised in China = very frugal lifestyle, traditional views on many things

Key Findings from the Interview

Questions and Answers

  1. When I say "sustainable fashion" what comes to mind?

“Maybe not buying from brands that produce their clothing in an unhealthy, unlawful way, also known as fast fashion. I think limiting the amount of clothes bought from these companies is definitely something that can be done for ‘sustainable fashion’. Maybe it could also mean wearing clothing and actually buying clothing that is sustainable and durable.”

  1. Is buying clothes sustainably an important issue to you? Why or why not?

“To be honest it’s not a big priority in my life, because I feel that I don’t have much control or many alternatives to buy sustainably as opposed to just normal fast fashion and cheap clothing. As a parent I feel like there are other environmental concerns that I could help on and do something about but not so much buying clothes sustainably.”

  1. Do you yourself shop for clothes sustainably and promote sustainable fashion? Do you do this in everyday life?

“If I am being honest not really, shopping for clothes sustainably is definitely not a priority because I think nowadays shopping cheap and for clothes that fit well enough is good enough and the top priority. I do sometimes encourage you to not buy so many clothes, but I never really make a big effort to shop for clothes sustainably and promote sustainable fashion. I actually don’t know much about it at all. I think the issue is that I, like many others, would rather choose convenience and cost over sustainability.”

  1. Is there more that you think you could do to help contribute to sustainable fashion?

“Yeah definitely, but I think I would probably have to sacrifice convenience and affordability to actively be sustainable in the clothing I purchase?”

  1. Finally, have you ever encountered problems regarding fashion and sustainability?

Not hugely. Often times the bad impacts I see from fashion on sustainability comes online.