Composite Character Profiles

Fashion Model Marvin

  • 23 year old male
  • Big advocate for universal environmental change
  • Ambassador for an NPO that gives water to poverty
  • Goal is to only rep and endorse in clothing made by companies that use minimal waste and use ethical labor.

High School Trendy Trisha

  • Young girl (17 y.o.)
  • Student in high school = minor, dependent on family, not a ton of power in regard to issues with waste and water but very passionate about it
  • SUPER into trends, always wants to fit into trends and wear clothing everyone else has- AKA she buys fast fashion
  • Her family is a bit poor
  • Wants to continue to be trendy and wear good clothes without relying on fast fashion

Factory Workers

  • Low income and often exposed to bad conditions because of their jobs as factory workers
  • Limited access to water— at most bottled water at gas stations or public water drinking fountains
  • Hard to keep hygiene up— limited access to showers due to payment bills and etc.
  • Value water and try their best to conserve as much as they can
  • Earn little money for long hours

Clothing Company CEO Carlie

  • CEO of huge clothing company
  • Always searching for ways to improve her company's image and attract more customers; mainly focused on her company—> wants it to be more sustainable to widen her audience
  • LOVES shopping and money
  • Very competitive in nature— wants to be greener and trendier than her competitors