How might we... [for POV 3]?

Copy and paste your POV statement here...

Ideate to come up with questions that explore different strategies for meeting this need.

The point here is to use divergent thinking to explore the widest range of potential strategies before converge a specific strategy to develop in detail.

[Factory Workers] need [a way/product that can help them complete their jobs more quickly, sustainably, and *healthily] because [their jobs are putting their health at risk but they need the work and money to keep a living.]

  • How might we... make a product or method that puts less pressure on their bodies to carry out their work?
  • How might we... create clothing in the factory that has minimal water usage?
  • How might we... make a way for the workers to get their jobs done quicker and more efficiently?
  • How might we... create a healthier working environment for the workers?
  • How might we... use less dye that could be harmful to the workers, and less water for minimal wastage while having the same satisfying results in the clothing?
  • How might we... make working at the factory more enjoyable and less stressful for the workers?