Our Prototyping Strategy

Prototyping Goals

Why are we creating prototypes?

The type of feedback that will be most helpful for refining and improving our product idea is:

  • How can we ensure and, more specifically, test that the dye is not toxic to people or the environment? / Feedback 1 —> assess our audience, who is impacted the most??
  • How can we use affordable yet eco-friendly resources to make sure the product is not too expensive? / Feedback 2 —> assess the ingredients and ensure they are safe!
  • How can we make this dye have the same functions and looks as the regular dye, but use safer ingredients and make it still easy-to-use? / Feedback 3 —> assess usability and effectiveness of dye! super important aspect to its success.
  • If the tradeoff is needed, could we make the dye less vibrant/more expensive to increase eco-friendliness?—> why don't manufacturers go green in the first place? / Feedback 4

Prototype Features

What product features are we prototyping? And why? What do we hope to learn from testing this feature?

  • Is the dye toxic? — Making sure the dye is non-toxic and does not harm humans or the environment forms the basis of the sustainable aspect of our product (key idea behind our design)
  • Is it as vibrant as traditional dyeing techniques?— Making sure the dye works effectively is super important to the marketability of the product, and will make sure that it will actually make an impact and that lots of people will use it. If we find out it doesn't work, we will definitely have to find another way to allow the dye to actually work.
  • Is it made out of excessively expensive materials/is it cheap?— We could try to find more readily available materials for the color, but this shouldn't be too much of a problem given the nature of the product.
  • Is it harder to use/does it require more human labor? — If it's harder to use and requires more human labor, it will not be able to create an impact and have many users, so ensuring that it is somewhat easy to use is super important to its success and effectiveness.

Prototype Media

How will you prototype and share these features with others to get their feedback?

We plan to create a digital drawing/design that explains every important feature and aspect of the dye. Drawing will likely be a small sample of the liquid dye.