Minimum Viable Product Features for Our Project

Point of View Statement

[Karen] needs [a product that is somewhat sustainable yet readily available at a reasonable price point] because [she wants to appear "green" to all the other parents without actually sacrificing any extra money or time] (Character: Karen, User Need: A cheap yet sustainable product, Reward: Social Approval)

Minimum Viable Product

Our Product is a bamboo-organic cotton blend material that can replace nylon versions of basketball hoops, volleyball nets, and soccer goals.

Essential features:

  • Seek to Replace a resource that is Environmentally taxing
  • Provide similar Strength and Durability to the product we replace
  • Will be biodegradable unlike common sports items like tennis balls, baseballs, basketball nets,
  • Will not alter the game in any significant way making it easier to adopt
    • With no negative impact on gameplay, product will appear attractive to the average athlete while also satisfying sustainability-motivated consumers