Composite Character Profiles

Traditional Tracy

  • Retired woman with a large family
  • Appreciates more traditional architecture
  • Does not want to spend money on sustainability, as it is "not her problem"
  • Would like to save money and maintain her house's comfort and aesthetics

Sustainable Sara

  • College student
  • Wants sustainable changes to her living space so she can reduce her carbon footprint and save money.
  • Does not have too much money or space, lives in an apartment.
  • Wants convertible spaces where she can work, hang out with friends, and relax.

Often-Overheating Ollie

  • Lives in a desert home where the outdoors are always hot
  • Works all day and just wants to come home to a cool house
  • Prioritizes being cool and having a spacious, well lit, organized home.
  • Likes modernist architecture
  • Has to spend a ton of money on AC and would like a cheaper and more sustainable option
  • Will make sacrifices to help the environment and his own efficiency by changing his home's design

Architect-Adjacent Andrea

  • Grew up watching house-remodeling TV shows
  • Passionate about adding weird and innovative aspects to her desert home to help it be as efficient as possible
  • Has the means to make changes that she wants while matching her personal style
  • Wants to impress her friends and family with a beautiful house