Composite Character Profiles

Eco Emily

  • Teenager who is in her school's environmental club
  • She feels like she cannot make big changes but wants to make a difference
  • Deep researcher, who looks into every label

Hairdresser Hannah

  • Wants to be able to buy the most products for the best possible deal
  • Understands a bit about being sustainable but will only do so for quality products
  • Wants to look the best

Dandruff Dave

  • Frugal with his money, wants the cheapest and the most for his money
  • Stereotypical Manly man who does not want to buy fancy self care stuff
  • Likes to go camping and doing rugged things
  • Wants an easier way to carry toiletries on his travels

Caring Candace

Wants to help the environment but is cautious with her money

Does not want to go too out of her way when buying sustainable items

Believes in product package statements, does not do much background research

Mother of 2