Minimum Viable Product Features for Our Project

Point of View Statement

Enter a refined POV statement that succinctly describes the essential user needs that you're designing a solution to provide. This will likely be based on your earlier POV statements, but may have evolved and updated based on your continued exploration and refining of your understanding of the problems throughout the Ideating phase of the design thinking process.

Hannah, a hairdresser, needs sustainable and good quality hair products because she wants to meet her clients high expectations, attract more customers, and build a sustainable reputation.

Minimum Viable Product

Please add a very brief description of your product below. If you had to describe it in less than 10 words, what is it? Or what does it provide?.

Our product is a convenient, dissolvable hair product that is sustainable in every area of its production.

The simplest version of this product that delivers value and meets the challenges of this POV statement will have these essential features:

  • Essential Feature 1: dissolvable tablet of shampoo/conditioner
  • Essential Feature 2: water safe ingredients/natural
  • Essential Feature 3: biodegradable packaging
  • Essential Feature 4: zero waste in production and disposal