Composite Character Profiles

Busy Brenda

  • Busy mom with her three boys in competitive sports
  • Attends multiple clubs (biking, crocheting, Kiwanis club) in her area
  • Never has time to go shopping so she already uses a service for her groceries

Clean Carrie

  • Loves a clean house and constantly uses an abundance of cleaning supplies
  • Works as a painter out of her basement and dislikes having a mess
  • Tries to use more natural ingredients when cleaning and is starting to make an effort to be sustainable

Sustainable Samuel

  • Chooses the easiest sustainable option
  • Works a 9-hour job and likes to attend book talks
  • Really interested in making a difference in his community and talks to neighbors about being sustainable

High-quality Henry

  • Works at an executive job making 6 figures
  • Does not care about the price of a product but it must be the highest-rated and recommended product if he is going to use it.
  • Not the biggest promoter of sustainability but is getting more into it because his daughter is asking him to keep it in his mind.