Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1 - Jane

Jane needs flexible photovoltaics because her house's roof cannot carry a sufficient photovoltaic system.

Point of View Statement 2 - Cooper

Cooper needs a unique sustainable product because he wants to be admired for it by his younger colleagues that are into sustainability (to overcome his mid-life crisis).

Point of View Statement 3 - Helga

Helga needs a product that captures carbon and generates clean energy because her rural area energy mix is mainly based on coal and oil.

Helga needs a product that lowers greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, because she wants her grandchildren to experience nature the same way she did.

Point of View Statement 4 - Astrid

Astrid needs the capability to recharge her E-Bike battery while driving because she tends to ride long distances that 1 battery cannot sustain.

Point of View Statement 5 - Daichi

Daichi needs a useful affordable product that is long-lasting because he is financially dependent on his parents who need to be convinced.

Point of View Statement 6 - Henry

Henry needs to find a sustainable charging system for his hybrid car because he's interested in experimenting with recent technologies.

The best so far

Caring Jane needs a sustainable product that flexibly generates renewable energy because she cares about the environment but her house's design cannot handle current technologies.