Interview 6

Who Did You Interview?

  • Brother

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • 20 years old
  • Engineering Student
  • Lives in the Middle East

Key Findings from the Interview

  • Can you give me some examples of services that you use?
  • Some services that he uses are Xbox game plus, Spotify, Netflix, HBO max, iCloud storage

  • Would you describe any of these services as sustainable?
  • He says most of them promote sustainability in a way as every one of these services provides an alternative to physical copies of stuff such as CDs, hard disks. However, he believes the main aim of these companies is to provide easier accessibility rather than promoting sustainability.

  • Can you give me examples of services that you heard about that promote sustainability?
  • He says that nothing comes to his mind and that most services might market themselves promoting sustainability but it comes in a way with the way services operate in the 21st century.