Our Prototyping Strategy

Prototyping Goals

Why are we creating prototypes?

The type of feedback that will be most helpful for refining and improving our service or app idea is:

  • To clarify the idea and potential impact
  • Identify customers needs and eventual point of adaption
  • Understanding how the app can become most user friendly
  • Receive potential crucial insights on the idea.

Prototype Features

What service or app features are we prototyping? And why? What do we hope to learn from testing this feature?

  • Register to the app – are people interested enough to sign up?
  • Cost – would they be willing to pay for the app?
  • User friendly - is the app interactive enough for people to want to spend time with it to fill out the question form?
  • Adaption - Does the outcome motivate people to keep using the phone?

Prototype Media

How will you prototype and share these features with others to get their feedback?

We plan to create a prototype of some of the functions of the app, for example how to sign up, set up profile, answer question measuring their footprint, as well competition element.