Submit by 10am Pacific; Evaluating starts at 12 noon Pacific

July 24, 2021 → July 25, 2021

Your project presentation will have three parts:

  • a Google Slides presentation summarizing the key points
  • a video recording (150 seconds max.) of members of your team delivering your elevator pitch or an infomercial -- you can decide on how many members of your team will be delivering the pitch and what visuals will be shown -- for example:
    • your Google Slides presentation
    • images or live video of your prototype?
  • your team's Design Journal page in Notion

What Information Should Your Presentation Include?

Your presentation should explain the essence of your project idea and the key steps in your design thinking process.  Your presentation and elevator pitch should help share and persuade your viewers that your service is:

  • a creative and original approach to fulfilling the need that you've identified
  • useful and likely to be adopted
  • impactful -- it will promote sustainability in a measurable way
  • well-presented
  • well-designed -- your team used design-thinking to evolve and improve your design to better meet the needs identified

Please submit your project deliverables here: