How might we... [for POV 4]?

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[Father] needs [better education for his children with limited resources he could give them] because [the family lives in a rural area with no wifi connection and he works in a factory but knows that education is important]

Ideate to come up with questions that might seed your team's creative thinking about divergent strategies for meeting this need. The point here is to get you thinking about the widest range of potential strategies before converging on a specific strategy and exploring it in detail. Check out these Tips for examples to help you get started.

To address this need:

  • How might we assist the father in making sure he gets to provide the best education possible for his kids?
  • How might we minimize the lack of opportunities due to the circumstances of the family?
  • How might we help the kids in handling getting an education on their own?
  • How might we incorporate the father's occupation into creating a better educational environment for his kids?
  • How might we make sure the system of education that the kids get is adaptable?
  • How might we utilize the opportunities of living in a rural area?
  • How might we create a support system between parents in similar conditions aiming to give their children a better education?
  • How might we benefit from the father's knowledge of the importance of education?
  • How might we create an alternative to using wifi?